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Ok, this is Meg's homepage, but like you haven't already figured that out. To find out what's in it, you have to look at the other pages, which is what your going to do, right? You probably should, you may want to know who it is your dealing with. C'mon, go in, I don't bite. thanx!

In case you don't know, this is my new webpage. I had a webpage,, which is still there, but it got screwed up, so I made a new and better one. Ok, to find out what this webpage is like, you have to check it out for
yourself.Just kidding.... inside, you'll find out what I'm really like, my hobbies and stuff. There's also a Contact me
page,so write to me and tell whatcha think. You may wanna check out all the pages... I dunno why, you might just
wanna. Read the rest of them...I'm not as boring as I may seem to be. Ok, now the time has come for you to leave this boring
page and check out the rest. Thanx for visiting...come backsoon. - Meg has now come the time where you leave this boring page, and go look at the other ones.Again, the address to my other site is, but it's pretty crappy, it got screwed up some how, and it would have been more work to fix it, than it would have been to make a new one, which is exactly what I did.




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