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'Bout Me
Alright, i know it's small...but try to cope. my family and friends, and my best friends Jen K. (P like a P Jen!! lol. - sorry for those of you who don't understand that, it's an inside joke me and Jen have), Carissa P. and Leigh J. Hobbies --- Well... I do a lot. I love sports. Basketball, slaughter and hockey the best. I watch the Toronto Maple Leafs on tv all the time, and watching tv is something I do a lot, my favourite show is Mad TV, ER and Friends. One thing I'm really good at is sleeping. I do a lot of it, and I do it quite well actually. I listen to music, any kind really (expect classical, country, hard core and punk and crap like that), mostly the radio. I don't really have a favourite band, but I like Capstone, the Tragically Hip, the Insyderz, Audio Adrenaline, Thousand Foot Krutch, Jars of Clay, Our Lady Peace, and a lot of other people (just too lazy to keep listing 'em), I listen to Kiss 92 all the time too. I'm on the internet 24 hours a day, so that's kind of a hobby, and I also talk on the phone really well, although I'm not much of a phone person, once I get talking, I could talk forever. I bad hobby of mine is not responding to emails very well. Dislikes ---I'll just list them: homework, vegetables (I'm trying to convince my mom I'm allergic, but so far unsucessful), annoying people, parent/teacher interviews at school (those make me nervous),detentions (I used to not mind them, but when you get over 150 in elementry school, they get kinda boring...hey, I wasn't bad, I just had a REALLY short attention span, and oh yeah, I kinda forgot to do my homeworks sometimes..oopps!!) Richard Simmons, french, soap operas (but I kinda like Passions for some reason, really good looking guys there), waking up to go to school (who does?); actually..waking up period, opera singers, ballets (i can't stand those!!!..right Leigh!?), and some other stuff that I can't think of at the moment. Likes --- Again with the list: gym class, school (sometimes), sports, the Internet, food (most of it anyway), sleeping, watching tv, listening to music, my family (most of the time), snowboarding, the summer, my camp: Camp Mini Yo We (in Port Sydney, Muskoka), the Toronto Maple Leafs (hockey in general), The New Beetle (the car...that's a sweet car), Oh and I LOVE '57 Chevy's, PT Cruisers (and no matter what anyone says, like my sister they are NOT ugly cars!) and Ford Focuses (only Hatch backs), and I'm too lazy to write the rest...except.. I love Mike Johnson #10, from the Tampa Bay Lightnings, former #20, from the Leafs (visit my best friend Jen and my Mike page - and Tomas Kaberle #15 of the Leafs . Other favourite hockey players that I like are Pavel Bure,#10 from the Florida Panthers, John LeClair, #10,from the Philly Flyers, Mark Recci, Vincent Leclavalier, #4 from the Tampa Bay Lightning, Jeremy Roenick from the Phoenix Coyotes, Patrick Roy, #33 from the Colorado Avalanche, Pierre Turgeon, Chris Pronger, Roman Turek and Al MacInnis from the St.Louis Blues and a few other players, if you really want to know who else, email me.

I live somewhere in the Arctic...just kidding, but like i'm really going to tell you my street ok, sure whynot!