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Here's a list of my favourite links...I go to some of these almost everyday. So check 'em out.

Jennifer's Anorexia Nervosa Page This is my best friend, Jennifer's page. Has some good facts, go see it.
My sister's homepage My big little sister's homepage..not as good as mine though :)
Mike Johnson Page This is a really good Mike page. Godd pics, very good pics. Go there.
Mike JohnsonAnother good page.

Mike Johnson (in Tampa)Again, really good page, this page is Mike in Tampa.
Another Mike PageVERY good pics on this page...
Mike (again)and yet another Mike site..
Tomas Kaberle A Tomas page........where I got all my pics. The only other Tomas site I know of.
Toronto Maple Leafs Best team in the NHL...if you haven't noticed, i'm obsessed with hockey.
Pavel Bure Pavel Bure Fan Club page
Another Hockey Page and yet ANOTHER hockey page........i'm so obsessed, u know, i heard obessions are unhealthy :)
Matt's Homepage My friend's page. He like's cars if ya didn't notice.
Tampa Bay Lightning (see above) The offical Tampa Bay Lightning Page, where Mike was traded to in Feburary :(