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This is Mike Johnson, #10 of the Tampa Bay Lightning, former #20 of the Leafs.------> scroll sideways for more Mike
OK, these pictures are NOT mine, i shamefully borrowed them from other sites, place your cursor on the picture, and there it will tell you the URL to the site in which i borrowed that pic.

cute, eh?! of course!

Mike in Tampa

Mike's Tampa Profile Pic

Mike in the Leafs 1999-2000 planner

Mike in Tampa again...scored 2 goals, 1 assist that game!

Mike's rookie card

Leafs award Mike, Hockey Hunk, can we blame them? NO!

One of Mike's hockey cards, not mine though.

At a practise

Mike's autograph, well, a picture of it anyways.

now THIS is a good picture!

Mike was selected to represent Team Canada in the World Championships.

Mike's pic in the Offical Leaf Magaznie

Mike in Tampa, before a game.

Dunno where that's from..but it's Mike

And again, Mike in Tampa

One of my personal favourite pics....

Mike on the cover of the Offical Toronto Maple Leafs magazine

Another one of my favourite pics!

A Sony Ad

Mike at the Sports Card Expo

After practising before a game (did i mention Mike was the Assistant Captain for Tampa!)

Before a game when he was still a Leaf.. i miss him!